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Featured Product!


Inspire family, friends, employees, customers, prospects, business associates, and patrons to practice good hygiene by keeping their hands clean with Custom or Blank Hand Sanitizers.

Our Collection: For promotional hand sanitizers, you can look at our collection and choose one to give as gifts to target crowd. Making an ideal addition to marketing campaigns and promotional events, bulk custom hand sanitizers will reach out to huge audience showing that your brand cares about their well-being! At a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, we have various size option for hospital rooms, corporate workspaces, reception desks, public restrooms and schools etc. Recipients will appreciate receiving these promotional hand sanitizers to sanitize their hands when they do not have access to soap and water.

On the Go – Outdoors: Hand sanitizers are small, lightweight, and easily portable to carry in pockets, purses, and backpacks on the go. They can also come in handy while participating in outdoor activities like camping, cycling, hiking, traveling, and running errands. The mini hand sanitizers will be practical tools for preventing hand-to-mouth transfer of germs. Without cleaning facilities nearby, mini hand sanitizers will reduce transfer of germs by inactivating the microbes, viruses, and bacteria.

On the Go – Community Setting: Our alcohol based personalized hand sanitizers are convenient to use in community settings as well. Whenever you are working, apply pinch from custom hand sanitizers on the palm of one hand to rub it over rest of surfaces in your hand to make it germ-free. This simple procedure will save you from being ill and getting infected by diseases. Especially, in times of infectious disease outbreaks, keeping antibacterial hand sanitizers will provide instant disinfection effectiveness. As the perfect handy on-the-go cleaning accessories, these custom or blank hand sanitizers will leave good impressions on your recipients. Since disease causing germs tend to spread outdoors when you do not have access to soap and water for cleaning hands, having mini hand sanitizers will save lives. Even though health authorities recommend hand washing to beat germs at best, hand sanitizer merchandise can the second-best option when you are at crowded transports, public places, and packed spaces.

To Prevent illness: As a high demand product, antibacterial hand sanitizers are taking over the market due to the spread of viruses and germs. Therefore, in order to prevent being exposed to thousands of hazardous germs, distribute antibacterial hand sanitizers to motivate people to practice cleanliness. Throughout the day, keep hand sanitizers with you as precautions against coming in contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. So, after touching your face and mouth by mistake, you will still be protected from catching cold and illnesses. With active antimicrobials, promotional hand sanitizers make great gifts for inspiring sanitation and promoting your brand simultaneously. Using antibacterial hand sanitizers regularly will minimize your risk for falling ill and spreading germs to others. Thus, reduce the likelihood of hand-to-mouth transfer of germs cleaning hands regularly with hand sanitizer merchandise. Promotional Value: Bulk custom hand sanitizers will also remind clients, staff and prospects of your brand or business. Hand out promotional hand sanitizers with product purchases or as corporate giveaways to portray a positive business image. They are great giveaway products at tradeshows, product launching events, and marketing campaigns as an essential and useful product. Moreover, promotional hand sanitizers will act as miniature billboards on the hands of people as they go about their daily outdoor activities. By ensuring the maximum exposure of your brand logo, custom hand sanitizers will be perfect to distribute at health seminars, community fairs, and health awareness programs as well. Hence, put your business in a healthy promotion campaign with promotional hand sanitizers ready for distribution. Being used anywhere and everywhere, the custom hand sanitizers will be well appreciated promotional giveaways for the customers.